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Jan 25
Wine Tasting at Home, Tips from the Pros

Wine tasting is tons of fun, and yes, there’s more to it than just the drinking. But if you can’t leave your home, or just don’t want to, why not go wine tasting at home!

Oct 15
The Best Wine Podcasts for Every Knowledge Level

Podcasts are a marvellous way to complement your education in wine, whether you’re looking to become a professional or just want to learn more about your favourite drink. We've highlighted some of the best podcasts you'll find in our wine resource library

Jul 24
The Best Virtual Wine Tasting Events – UK

Tasting wine is exciting. Every bottle and every glass are an opportunity to travel to foreign lands without leaving the comfort of your home. Each bottle of wine has a unique personality and getting to know it is bliss beyond compare.

May 21
How Does a Virtual Wine Tasting Work?

There's almost no end to that activities that can be streamed to you in your living room. And virtual wine tasting is one that we welcome with charged glasses. Over the past few months we've seen vineyards, wine shops, wine experts and just everyday wine lovers all around the world running virtual wine tasting events. They've been sharing their wine love with us through entertaining and educational events, as we chill at home with a glass of wine, or two, in hand.