Wine Tasting Events

Discover wine tasting events near you. Wine tastings events are a great way to learn more about wines with an expert on hand to guide you and expand your palate.

Use the search box and filters below to find a wine tasting that suits you.

Please Note

Most in-person wine tasting events are currently cancelled due to COVID. Please check with the host directly before booking.

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  • Wine Tasting Events Near You

    You can find wine tasting events happening near you using the search box above. Using your address you’ll see a list of events closest to you. Try changing the filters to see different types of events and events on different dates to find one that suits. 


    Types of Wine Tasting Events

    There are so many different types of wine tasting events, so make sure you choose one that suits you. Decide whether you’re looking for something social, or something more structured where the host will go into detail about each specific wine. Have a look at the event hosts previous events, or perhaps their social media to see what they’re like. 

    You might also want to specifically taste Red Wines from California, or Champagnes. So have a look and search for the type of wine tasting you’d like to attend.

    Check out our blog on ‘How to get the most out of Wine Tasting‘.

    Wine Tasting Event Host?

    If you host wine tasting events you can easily add your events to Get Tasting. We have several listing packages available starting at ‘FREE’.