About Get Tasting

Get Tasting is all about getting more people tasting and enjoying wine.

From the Get Tasting Founder

I remember clearly some of my early experiences with wine, particularly a gorgeous bottle of Australian Penfolds Shiraz in 2003 which helped me understand early on how amazing wine can be. Since then I’ve always enjoyed and been interested in wine.

During a career break in 2019 I decided to pursue my wine interest and took a WSET course in Bordeaux, France, through the Bordeaux Wine Campus. This course opened my eyes to wine and has been a huge influence in getting more involved in wine, and perhaps more importantly, getting others more involved in wine.

Through my own wine journey I’ve discovered that with just a little bit of knowledge your wine drinking can be so much more enjoyable and varied.

Continuing my wine journey I struggled to find a website that listed all the wine tastings and courses available. There are so many great wine educators and enthusiasts across the UK so I thought I’d try and bring them all together into one site.

I also think what the UK is doing with wine is amazing so wanted to help encourage more people to support the UK Wine Industry by listing UK Vineyards.

The aim of Get Tasting is to get more people experiencing more wine in the hope that they will try new wines and unearth some wine gems.

Thanks for visiting, now get tasting!