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The Best Wine Podcasts for Every Knowledge Level

Learning about wine might be a never-ending undertaking, but what a pleasurable one! Every wine grape, region, producer, and label hold secrets, and those who put in the time to discover them find great satisfaction in every glass of fermented grape juice they encounter.

Wine tasting is critical to understand the realm of wine, but so is reading wine books and studying maps, talking with people in-the-know, and visiting wine regions.

Podcasts are a marvellous way to complement your pursuit, whether you’re looking to become a professional or just want to learn more about your favourite drink.

And you can find all the best wine podcasts in our wine resource library.  This ever-growing compendium of wine resources, including videos, downloads, blogs and podcasts, lets you filter and search for the best wine podcasts you’ll be able to get your ears on.

For the full wine podcast list, visit the resource library, but here are what we think are some of the best wine podcasts to listen to all day.


A Glass With…

Hosted by the British wine personality Olly Smith and produced by Master of Wine Richard Hemming, A Glass With… is a casual podcast specialising in celebrity guests talking about their lives and personal approach to wine.

Marco Pierre White, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, and Nathan Outlaw are only some of the personalities that have given life to the show during its eight series. A laid-back conversation provides insight into different wine tastes and preferences amongst the industry’s most influential people. Definitely a podcast to listen to with a glass of wine in hand.

Check it out here

Guild of Sommeliers Podcast

The cool, calm, and collected Geoff Kruth, Master Sommelier, the voice behind the most exclusive Sommelier certification program, and ambassador for the wine tasting deductive method hosts this ten-year-old podcast for the serious wine student.

Discover wine regions, interviews with wine personalities, wine varietals, and producer profiles with an astounding depth without losing a colloquial, non-elitist tone.

You’ll feel like wanting to write down everything you hear because this is wine knowledge to the highest level, but you’ll have a few laughs as well.

Check it out here

Interpreting Wine

The UK wine hospitality business is well represented in the delightful interviews hosted by Lawrence Francis and his podcast, Interpreting Wine. The latest trends in the drinks and hospitality industry are impressively published almost daily.

His recent project, in-person audio summits, cover wine, food, cocktails, and retail in the voice of the most prominent figures in the country is the wine audio project of the moment and worth seeking out.

‘Behind the Bodega Door’ and ‘The Wine Talking’ podcast shows are some of Lawrence’s first undertakings, and his experience is evident, now he boards broader topics and covers every corner of the wine world masterfully. Interpreting Wine is always a joy to listen to.

Check it out here

The James Suckling Podcast

Few people have tasted more wine than Wine Spectator’s former Senior Editor James Suckling. After a long wine carrier going back forty years, James Suckling launched his eponymous website in 2010, and since last year he hosts a spectacular podcast.

Conversations with esteemed winemakers, vintage reviews, and live tastings make this podcast a rich source of vinous knowledge. It’s a real privilege to listen to Mr. Suckling talking about today’s most prominent wine.

Although each episode is only under fifteen minutes, there’s lots of information, so you’ll find yourself listening to hours of the critic’s content at a time.

Check it out here

UK Wine Show

Chris Scott hosts the UK Wine Show, a weekly podcast, and one of the earliest wine shows on the web. His focus is now supporting WSET students in their wine education, talking about the finest wines worldwide, and the people behind them.

How to improve your sense of smell, the ripening of Amarone grapes, and the modern Australian wine scene are only a few topics covered in depth by Chris and his distinguished guests.

Winemakers, consumers, wine bar owners, sommeliers, and scientists. Every personality involved with wine ends up sharing its experience in the UK Wine Show.

Check it out here

The Three Drinkers

Brought to you by the trio behind Amazon Prime’s ‘The Three Drinkers’, this is the Bring a Bottle podcast!

Join Aidy, Helena and Colin as they uncover their drinking secrets, what grinds their gears and the oddities they’ve encountered during their careers as drinks writers, TV presenters and, well, whatever they were before!

From Aidy’s frost-bitten toe cocktails to Helena’s “can you guess what wine this is by the weird noise I’m making” vinalogies and what Colin drinks with partridge. Three friends, a microphone and a bottle (or two) of cracking wine. What could go wrong?

Check it out here

Wine for Normal People

This award-winning podcast on the hands of author Elizabeth Schneider brings wine topics of all levels to the wine enthusiasts without snobbery for a fun podcast with lots of valuable insight.

‘Helping people drink better’ is the motto here. Everything from glassware to premium Alsace, from wine label laws to high altitude wines, Elizabeth covers every aspect of wine in the most pleasing and interactive tone.

If you enjoy this podcast, don’t miss out on the book Wine for Normal People: A Guide for Real People Who Like Wine, but Not the Snobbery That Goes with It.

Check it out here

Wine Podcasts are just getting started.

While many of these podcasts have been around for a decade, new projects are being born every day. Wine is one of the most fascinating and exciting topics, translating into a fantastic array of wine podcasts for all tastes and experience levels.

Find your own favourite wine podcasts in the wine resource list. And let us know if your favourite isn’t listed so we can share it with the community; after all, we’re all after the same thing, delicious wine knowledge.


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