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Owned by Enrico Dellapiano and his sister Jole, Rizzi is all about quality – the quality of the terroir (Rizzi own vineyards in all three Barbaresco zones, including the four crus of Rizzi, Pajorè, Manzola and Nervo) and the quality of the resultant grapes, so it should come as no surprise that we have asked them to make The Society's Barbaresco.

Rizzi produce a delicious range of wines with their Langhe Nebbiolo 2017 impressing our buyers so much this year that they crowned it a Wine Champion in our mammoth annual blind tasting to find the best of our best for drinking now.

Join the charismatic and charming Enrico as he sheds some light on Piedmont, one of the great wine regions of the world, and in particular the nebbiolo grape variety. He'll be touching on the history of the property and the region, while explaining the intricacies of working with one of the most fickle grape varieties used in production of fine wine.