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Christina Wess, along with her father Rainer, are responsible for producing some of the best examples of Austrian riesling and grüner veltliner around. The father-daughter team share the work in the vineyards and cellars, and even a desk! Rainer first studied oenology at Klosterneuburg and worked in the vineyards of Bordeaux before purchasing his own vineyards in Austria in 2003. He went on to own 10 hectares of vineyards in Kremstal and Wachau where their grapes are grown today.

Christina believes that Austrian wine should be “the equivalent of a classic black dress – not a trendy t-shirt!”, however is not averse to implementing more modern techniques, such as no added sulphur and unfiltered wines. The aim is to produce the best wine possible that is reflective of where it is from, the cool Austrian climate is perfect for riesling and grüner veltliner and these are varieties that present their terroir well.

It’s an exciting time for Austrian winemaking and we hope you will join us and Christina to discover more about their holistic and low intervention approach that is leading to fantastic wines