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In this chapter of Behind the Wines: Harvest Sessions, wine writer + expert Elaine Chukan Brown speaks with Steve Matthaisson, winemaker and owner of Matthiasson Wines and Tendu, and Beth Forrestal, Assistant Professor of Viticulture and Enology at University of California, Davis. They give an on-the-ground look at what factors were at play during this harvest season in the North Coast, and provide perspective on their impact on vintage overall.

The North Coast experienced its share of obstacles during this 2020 vintage along with several other regions of the state; Nonetheless, there is a sense of optimism and determination among producers as they put the 2020 harvest to bed. With Matthiasson's first-hand experience working with vineyards in Sonoma County, Napa Valley, and Yolo County and Forrestel’s extensive background in research on climate change, viticulture, and sustainability, this forward-looking conversation focuses on how California vintners, growers and researchers are working together to advance global understanding on climate change and smoke impact.

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