Course Overview

A unique education about wine from a winemaker. How it's made, and how to fully enjoy tasting and talking about it.

What you'll learn
  • Enjoy wine, carefree from judgement
  • Gain a comprehensive and real understanding of all aspects of wine
  • Have confidence in your knowledge of wine
  • Use your comprehension to inform your decisions about how to better your wine drinking experience

This is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand course on all aspects of wine. What will we cover?

  • Wine defined
  • A short history of wine and where it came from
  • Visit a native grapevine in its natural habitat
  • A full year in the vineyard, exploring practices and tasks of vineyard workers
  • How the heck wine is made
  • Building your confidence in buying the right wines
  • How the heck to taste it "properly" (spoiler alert: however you want)
  • Wine "lingo" and how to wade through the jargon
  • How and where to buy wine on a budget
  • Frequently asked questions about wine (and if your question isn't not on the list, I'll answer it within 1 day)
  • An interview with a wine retailer covering what to look for in wine stores
  • The difference between drinking wine and analyzing wine
  • Principles of pairing wine and food (coming soon)
  • A list of recommended wine resources (books, apps, seasonal gift ideas, etc.)
  • How to tell what kind of wines you would or wouldn't like (coming soon)
  • Find out what affects your sense of taste and smell

What are the features?

  • Lifetime access. No limits.
  • iPhone, iPad, and Android accessibility
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Slides from the course lectures in pdf format
  • Download the course to your mobile device: watch and interact while you're on the go
  • You'll get my personal email for any burning wine questions or recommendations you have for adding content to the course (within a day!)

Why take this course?

  • Enhance your enjoyment of wine, in your own unique way
  • Feel the hubris of wine confidence, and put that wine snob you know to shame =)
  • Just kidding, we're not about shaming here
  • But heck, you can become a wine snob yourself, if you'd like
  • I personally enjoy the term "wine geek" much more. In this course we'll teach you how to geek out on wine.

How is the course structured?

  • Informative video lectures in the form of talking head clips and some powerpoint slides
  • Take this course with a friend! Pop that bottle open and park yourself!
  • It's structured to be informative and fun. Even more so with wine. Cheers!

Make sure to check out the lectures marked as Free Previews!


Who this course is for:
  • This wine course is for anyone interested in wine, but it is mostly geared for beginners
  • If you are interested in a comprehensive perspective on wine from start to finish, this is the course for you
  • Interested in becoming a sommelier? This course will provide a great foundation for building the skills you'll need!
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Michael MacFarlan

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On Demand

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