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If you are new to wine, and find it interesting, but are petrified at the prospect of having to describe or identify a wine in front of your peers—you’re not alone. If you’ve seen others do it with confidence, but somehow you struggle and are left wondering, How will I ever become a better taster, everyone else seems to be better at it than me,’—we hear you.

Our ONLINE SommDay School™ Deductive Tasting course is designed and presented by Master Sommelier, Tim Gaiser.  In this course, we’ll cover the Deductive Tasting Method, which is widely used by many sommeliers and other wine professionals. To learn the method, we’ll work with the Deductive Tasting Grid to help assess the appearance, nose, and palate of a wine. The grid will also help to format the best possible conclusion for a wine in the context of a blind tasting.

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Napa Valley Wine Academy

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On Demand

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We aware that event hosts and wine lovers all over the world are feeling the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Many courses have been cancelled or postponed, so please check the course host's website or contact them for the most up to date information.