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This thousand year old farm consists of five hundred acres owned by the Sharpham Trust. The house, designed in 1770 by Sir Robert Taylor, overlooks the fields and wooded slopes above the River Dart, two miles downstream of the ancient market town of Totnes. Our aim today is to farm successfully in the modern context and to produce world class wine and cheese in harmony with the environment and the natural beauty of the Estate.

By producing our own Red Tractor assured Jersey cow’s milk from our own cows and growing a range of carefully selected cool climate grape varieties in the vineyard, we are in control of production from start to finish. The results are individual, hand made wines and cheeses which have a special character and flavour that relates to this unique position in the South Hams area of Devon.

Classic English wines are produced at Sharpham vineyard as a result of a happy marriage of soil, climate and grape variety known as terroir, and nature has bestowed her gifts freely upon us here at Sharpham. In the winery, we employ both New World and traditional techniques to best develop our unique regional characteristics. Our tally of International Awards confirms our position as one of England's foremost quality wine producers. We invite you to visit, sample, and make up your own minds about our fine English wine.

At the forefront of vine growing and wine making in the UK, Sharpham is widely recognised as producing some of England's most outstanding wines. We have been producing wine for nearly twenty five years. Our wines are stylish and offer intense fruit flavours and aromas, which are made from carefully selected grape varieties grown on our own sheltered slopes overlooking the River Dart. Traditional and new world techniques are employed resulting in a range of distinctive and carefully balanced wines. Our spectacular awards tally includes Regional, National and International medals.

Opening Details

March MON – SAT 10am – 5pm
April – Oct MON – SUN 10am – 5pm (inc. bank holidays)
November MON – SUN 10am – 4pm
Dec 1st – 23rd MON – SAT 10am – 4pm

Café closed on Mondays. Reduced opening hours out of season.


Sharpham Estate, Totnes, Devon TQ9 7UT

Tours and Tastings

Fancy a relaxed way to taste more wine? Select 4 samples of our wines and we'll give you easy to read and informed tasting and production notes. If there's two of you, order one each and get to taste more of the wines we produce! You can do this at anytime of the day and it's the ultimate way to taste the most of what we have to offer in your own time. There is no need to book this tasting in advance.

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