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Pebblebed started as a community project when in 1999 11 local families under the direction of Geoff Bowen came together to plant the first half acre of vines in an idyllic setting just to the South of Exeter in Devon.From these beginnings, Geoff and his wife Anna quickly realised their passion for viticulture and with considerable help from the community and local farmers, Pebblebed has grown to more than 20 acres of vineyards and now has a modern winery. In a good year close to 50,000 bottles of Devon wines are produced.

Opening Details

Thursday Saturday

Thursdays at 4pm – 5:30pm & Saturdays at 11am – 12:30pm and 3pm – 4:30pm


Pebblebed Vineyards, Marianne Pool Farm, Exeter, Devon, EX3 ONZ

Tours and Tastings

Pebblebed Vineyard and winery are open for tours between May 2019 and September 2019

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