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Maud Heath Vineyard is a boutique family owned and operated vineyard, nestled upon beautiful slopes near the village of Bremhill, Calne overlooking Maud Heath's historic causeway in Wiltshire.Maud Heath was a widow, who provided a gift in 1474 to a trust which oversaw the construction of the causeway, allowing people dry passage from Wick Hill to Chippenham.Planting began in 2006, it now comprises of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, Bacchus, & Rondo vines. these vines currently span over 6 acres of a naturally occuring ridge. Our ‘Bramble Hill’ wine was derived from the original name for the local Bremhill village, renowned for its abundant supply of bramble bushes.

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Tours and Tastings

for private groups of between 10 - 30 people, from April- August at £20 per head. Tours must be booked in advance.

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