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Vineyard Description

Forty Hall Vineyard is an exciting social enterprise which has established a 10 acre vineyard in north London.  Run and managed by local people, the vineyard is the first commercial scale vineyard in London since the middle ages, producing English still and sparkling wines.

Situated on Capel Manor College's Forty Hall Farm, we are certified organic and dedicated to demonstrating environmentally sustainable farming and vine-growing practices.

Forty Hall Vineyard is the only commercial-scale vineyard in London and we're committed to creating the best quality, organic English wines.

Each of our single estate wines reflect the distinctive character, of our organically grown grapes, that have been cared for by our dedicated volunteers, here in North London.


We grow our grapes naturally, with as little intervention as possible, so that the wine produced from our grapes truly reflects the terroir - which means the unique characteristics of the place, the soil and its microclimate.

In our vineyard, we do not use synthetic fungicides, herbicides or fertilisers. This encourages sustainability, biodiversity and natural balance.

The vines grow in a living soil, free of chemical residues, drawing optimum levels of minerals from the soil, becoming stronger with better natural resistance to disease. These vines will produce fruit for years to come.

Pests are controlled by biological methods and mildew problems are also managed by salts such as elemental (not man-made) sulphur.  The use of these methods is carefully controlled and limited.

Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir produceour award winning Sparkling London Brut which is made in the traditional Champagne method, with all the fermentation taking place naturally in the bottle.

Bacchus and Ortega grapes produce our two single variety still dry white wines.

Opening Details

Friday Saturday Sunday

Farm shop open 11am to 4pm on these days only. Farmers Market on the second Sunday of the month.

Self-guided tours may be taken when the shop is open.

  • Forty Hall Vineyard, Gardener’s Rest, Forty Hall Farm, Forty Hill, ENFIELD EN2 9HA


Forty Hall Vineyard, Gardener’s Rest, Forty Hall Farm, Forty Hill, ENFIELD EN2 9HA

Tours and Tastings

There are a number of events at Forty Hall Farm throughout the year when you will have the opportunity to meet members of the Volunteer team and tour the vineyard.

Otherwise, Forty Hall Farm is open to the public three times a week from Spring to mid December, when you are also welcome to visit the vineyard on a self-guided tour.

Entry £2.00

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