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Francis Courselle was one of the first to show the Bordelais how to make dry white wine that people want to drink. While teaching at Bordeaux University, he was putting his ideas into practice with considerable success at his charming property Château Thieuley at La Sauve, in the centre of Entre-Deux-Mers.

His two daughters have now followed in his footsteps: Marie oversees the wine making whereas Sylvie runs the commercial side of the business and together they are making better wine than ever at this excellent property.

We do hope that you enjoy Sylvie, Marie and our Bordeaux buyer, Tim Sykes, as they discuss the wines of Château Thieuley, what lies behind the Estate’s fabulous success with white wines – a paradox in a region more focussed on red wine production – and what’s next for Château Thieuley.