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Founded in 1810, Schlumberger is Alsace’s largest estate with some 140 hectares under vine, half of them occupying grand cru sites. A full range of wines are produced here, all of them coming from the estate.

The vineyards are, for the most part, on beautifully laid steep terraces up to an altitude of 380m, where horses are required to work the land instead of machinery. Nearly half the vineyard is farmed organically, of which 30 hectares are in addition farmed biodynamically.

Two generations are now at work here, with Séverine Schlumberger in charge of sales and the force behind some of the extraordinary transformation that has taken place here in the last ten years. So join Séverine, as with glass of wine in hand, she talks about the history and the philosophy of wine-making at her family estate, and shines a spotlight on the differences between the many different Grand Cru sites that Domaines Schlumberger is lucky enough to have in their portfolio, explaining how the myriad terroir manifests itself in the wines they produce.

Join Séverine as she guides you through the intricacies of Alsace and the beauty of her wines.