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Kutch produces Pinot Noir with 100% whole clusters included in the fermentation. This is an old-world technique and producers wines with good structure and savory characteristics. The wines are often spicy, almost peppery. Rarely do the wines exceed 13% alcohol and more often, they are in the low 12%  alcohol range. Jamie want’s his wines to work well with food and not overpower the dish with heavy flavors. His Pinot Noirs are aged in 100% neutral oak barrels, no new. He looks for focus and purity over power, weight fruit and glycerin.  His Chardonnays are cut from a similar mold as the Pinot Noirs. He picks based on the acidity and not based on the fruit. He wants laser beam acidity to cut across the fat in a dish. They wake up ones’ taste often making ones salivary glands anxious for the next bite and sip.