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We are delighted to bring you a week of events celebrating winemakers whose wines are part of our 2020 Wine Champions offer: the winners of our huge annual blind tasting to find the best of our best for drinking now. Each guest will share the history of their wineries, discuss their own personal journeys and give insight into the range of wines they produce. You will then have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. Finally at the end of each event, the producers will lead a tasting of the wine our buyers crowned a 2020 Wine Champion.

Established as an initial 25 hectares in 1912 by teetotaller Joseph Osborn with the purpose to grow and sell fruit to neighbouring wineries, d'Arenberg has now become one of McLaren Vales most significant producers. The d'Arenberg name came about in 1959 when Joseph's grandson, Francis d'Arenberg Osborn (known as d'Arry) undertook the running and honoured the business with his mother's family name. Winemaking is now headed by the fourth generation of the family and d'Arry's son, Chester Osborn who members may be familiar with for his bold charisma and equally bold shirts! Chester's passion for the family business is clear to see. He has orchestrated its move into modernity while retaining the charm and excellence achieved through older, traditional winemaking practices.