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Wine writer + expert Elaine Chukan Brown speaks with Rodrigo Soto, estate director, Rebekah Wineburg, winemaker, at Quintessa in the Napa Valley, as well as Pedro Parra, PhD, wine terroir consultant, and wine producer.

Born and raised in Chile and a student of agronomy, Rodrigo Soto gained experience in organic and biodynamic farming over the next ten years between California and Chile. He worked at Benziger before joining Huneeus family as chief winemaker and then moving to back to Chile to work with South American vineyards. In 2018, Rodrigo came to the Napa Valley to join Quintessa. With experience working in the wine-growing regions of California, Oregon, Italy, and New Zealand, Rebekah Wineburg brings a worldly perspective to the cultivation and production of luxury wines in Napa Valley. She earned her master’s degree in viticulture and enology from University of California, Davis, and worked harvests around the world before joining Quintessa in 2015.

Pedro holds a PhD in Terroir Viticoles from the Grignon Paris Center of Agriculture, with 18 years experience in French, Italian, Spanish and American terroirs. He is considered a leading figure of the “New Chile” movement by the international press for bringing a new vision to the winemakers about terroir. Pedro is a winemaker for his own project, Pedro Parra y Familia, in the Itata Valley, south of Chile.

Elaine, Rodrigo, Rebekah, and Pedro discuss crafting Cabernet Sauvignon using organic farming practices in Napa Valley, focusing on practices in the vineyard and the cellar, and how those have evolved over the years.

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