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Wine writer + expert Elaine Chukan Brown speaks with Hardy Wallace, Owner and Winemaker, Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery, with special guest Steve Edmunds, winemaker and owner of Edmunds St. John.
Elaine and Hardy discuss how producers have recently been reimagining California, drawing on its past, contemplating current climate challenges, and projecting future changes in grape-growing and winemaking practices. Hardy has played an important role in redefining California wine over the last ten years. He has helped to reinvigorate small winery marketing while focusing on lesser-known varieties and leveraging ancient and new winemaking methods.
Joining the conversation is Steve Edmunds, who shares the philosophy behind his wines and his innovative approach to winemaking, which began in the 1980s and helped challenge expectations of what California wine can be.

Featured Wines are:
2019 Dirty and Rowdy Familiar Mourvèdre
2018 Dirty and Rowdy Shake Ridge Ranch Mourvèdre
2018 Edmunds St. John El Jaléo, Shake Ridge Ranch

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