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The world has been turned upside down this year, and the world of wine has certainly not escaped it. The hospitality industry shut down around the world, export markets closed their doors, workers couldn’t reach wineries and vineyards and some countries even banned the sale of wine entirely.

The Wine Society’s ‘Backing Our Best Growers 2020’ initiative aims to aid the producers and family wineries in need of support during these times. We’ve paid early; bought excess stock; even shipped brand new wines designed for other markets – all in a response to the question ‘how can we help?’.

In this, our first event celebrating these special growers from around the world, Director of Wine Pierre Mansour will lead a round table discussion to get to the heart of the impact of Covid-19 on the industry.

Pedroncelli (USA), Grati (northern Italy) and Kanonkop (South Africa) will come together to share with members how their own worlds have been affected during the crisis – be it in the vines, the winery or sales. They’ll tell stories of adversity, resilience and newfound opportunities each with unique stories and experience.

We do hope you’ll join us in supporting these producers for the evening, to learn about their wineries, their experience and to join in the discussion and to ask questions. Maybe you might even provide a little extra support by buying a wine of theirs to enjoy during the event.