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WSET’s flagship Diploma arms you with specialist-level skills, knowledge and recognition as an expert in the field of wines. The course not only develops advanced product knowledge but will also develop your research and analysis abilities, from the understanding of viticulture and winemaking to wine business and in-depth product knowledge.

You will gain the distinction of the ‘DipWSET’ postnominal, making you recognisable as one of just over 10,000 individuals worldwide who have gained this prestigious qualification. Your expertise is built both theoretically, through comprehensive study of a large number of wine regions, and practically, by developing your wine tasting skills to an expert level. Successful graduates acquire exceptional analytical skills and proficiency in evaluative wine tasting, gaining global recognition as authoritative wine specialists. Should you wish to progress to the Master of Wine programme, no other course will prepare to a higher standard.

All classes are delivered by highly qualified educators. You’ll learn alongside like-minded individuals in a stimulating setting, with all theory underpinned by tutored tastings of an extensive variety of still, sparkling and fortified wines from all over the world.

Beyond the Diploma: WSET Alumni Body
Upon successful completion of the Diploma, you’ll join a global community known as the WSET Alumni Body. This will offer you fantastic opportunities for continued learning, including a unique programme of tasting, networking and career events and access to market reports. You’ll join ranks with many of the wine world’s most well-respected figures and build long-lasting relationships with your fellow Diploma alumni.

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Enjoy Discovering Wine

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7 March 2021

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