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During this online course you’ll taste, learn and discuss wines made from various grape varieties and distinguish wines made in different regions around the world. You’ll also learn the professional wine tasting technique to describe the flavours and aromas found in the glass, discover wines from Spain to Australia and English sparkling wines, Blush wines and how the wine label can affect our buying. At the end of this course, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to choose and buy wines you enjoy.

Learners will need to purchase the two wines to be covered at each session and should expect to spend between £5 and £12 a bottle. A list of suggested wines will be provided along with places to purchase – both online and locally.

For the first session you’ll need to bring along two wines if you can – a white wine from Australia and a red wine from Australia. They can be made from any grape variety – the choice is yours!

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Buckinghamshire Adult Learning

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1 February 2022

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Weekly, Tuesday 7pm-8.30pm GMT

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We aware that event hosts and wine lovers all over the world are feeling the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Many courses have been cancelled or postponed, so please check the course host's website or contact them for the most up to date information.