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Get to grips with the fascinating world of red wine (only red wines) on this 4 week introductory course based in The City of London. Run over 4 consecutive Thursdya evenings, the course is designed for people who enjoy red wine and want to learn more about it, in a fun, friendly and relaxed setting with no previous wine tasting experience necessary!

Unlike our other 4-week courses the cost of the wine is already included in the price of £140.00 making it a perfect gift idea for the novice wine lover in your life!

At the end of the course you will :

Be able to taste wine like a professional
Have learned how to assess the quality of a wine
Be able to tell if a wine is faulty
Understand the world’s most important red wines
Have tasted 24 different wines!
Know how to match food with wine
Understand wine labels and how to spot a good wine in the shops
Plus lots more

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East London Wine School

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Class Based

Course Start Date

4 February 2021

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Week 1 – Introduction to Red Wine
This first session will cover the basics: how wine is made and where in the world it comes from, how to taste wine and assess it like a true professional, tasting 6 wines, including grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo and Gamay.

Week 2 – Red Wine from Europe
This evening we’ll taker a closer look at what some people call Old World Wines. We'll head to France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, visiting some of the most famous wine regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chianti, Rioja and more. We’ll talk a bit about the grape varieties and what they taste like as well as the wine regions that they come from, consider their potential for food and wine matching and further hone your wine tasting skills. We'll also cover things like use of oak, find out which is better - cork or screw cap, and bust a few wine myths too!

Week 3 – Red wines from the Americas
Here we’ll explore the huge variety of red wine styles from North and South America. We'll be heading to California, Canada (oh yeah, some great wine from this region), Chile, Argentina and if we can Mexico and Brazil. So many great wines to taste from this area and so little time on one evening. As well as trying 6 more fantastic wines, we’ll also talk about tannin and why some wines get better with age, as well as some other useful tips like why/when you should decant wine and what temperature to serve it at.

Week 4 – Red Wine from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand
You cannot go to South Africa without trying some Pinotage, but there are so many other great wines from this country to taste too. Then of course, a fabulous Shiraz from the Barossa Valley in Australia, maybe a Cabernet Sauvignon from the cooler Margaret River region. We must taste a Pinot Noir from New Zealand, some say as good as a Pinot Noir from Burgundy but a fraction of the price - we'll let you ne the judge!!

What a great way to try 24 different red wines over 4 weeks, to compare the different countries and decide where your heart lies!
So join us on this 4 week course in The City of London and change the way you think about wine forever! You’ll try some amazing wines, meet some great new people with a shared interest and have a fantastic time along the way.


4th Feb 2021 - Introduction to Rd Wine Tasting
11th Feb 2021 - Red Wines of Europe - Italy, France, Spain, Portugal
18th Feb 2021 - Red Wines from America - California, Chile, Argentina, Canada
25th Feb 2021 - Red Wines from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

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We aware that event hosts and wine lovers all over the world are feeling the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Many courses have been cancelled or postponed, so please check the course host's website or contact them for the most up to date information.