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Services for Wine Hosts

Discover how Get Tasting can help you promote your services to wine lovers around the world.

How we can help

Get Tasting is a platform that brings together people who provide wine experiences and people who are looking for wine experiences. We do this by providing listings of wine tasting events, wine courses and vineyards which welcome visitors. 


If you’re looking to increase your tasting events, grow your visitor numbers and promote your services to a broader audience then Get Tasting is the place to be seen.  

Three ways which we can help you:

List your Wine Tasting or Course

You can easily add and manage listings on the site with our intuitive interface. Add event or course details, images, links and drive traffic to your site.

Manage Event Tickets

If you're running a virtual tasting, or an in-person event that requires ticketing, you can manage your tickets through Get Tasting. Manage payments, registrations and attendance all through our platform

List Your Vineyard

We have a growing list of Vineyards with a searchable and filterable map to make your vineyard easy to find. If your vineyard is not already listed on Get Tasting you can start adding it by hitting the button below.