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Give a Wine Tasting Gift Voucher for Christmas

Many of our wine tasting event hosts offer gift vouchers so you can share your love of wine with your loved ones. Or just make an existing wine lover really happy this Christmas.

For wine lovers, wine is a huge part of Christmas. It’s an opportunity to share the wines we love with friends and family. We work out which wines pair best with Christmas dinner, mince pies, Christmas cake, pudding, chocolate, anything really. We think about which wines will work better when certain friends and family pop in for a visit. And then there’s the wine we keep aside until it’s just us and we can enjoy our perfect Christmas wine.

Wine Tasting events not only help wine lovers but also those around them, because the more they know about wine generally the better wine we drink. And what’s not to love about that!

Events come in all shapes and sizes. There are beginner tastings, which are great for people who want to start their wine journey. And there are tastings for a specific style, region or vintage of wine. So gift vouchers are a great way to make sure the recipient attends the wine tasting events that is best suited to them.

If you’re stuck for a present for a wine lover this Christmas why not check some of our event hosts offer:


ThirtyFifty run wine tasting events all across the UK. Their gift vouchers can be can be redeemed against their One Day Wine Experiences and Evening Wine Experiences. You can book a specific date or give an open dated gift voucher.

Explore ThirtyFifty Gift Vouchers

London Wine Academy

The London Wine Academy offer gift vouchers that can be redeemed against a specific course or tasting and also monetary vouchers so the recipient can choose.

Explore London Wine Academy Gift Vouchers

Local Wine School

There are Local Wine Schools all across the UK so you should have no problem finding one near you. Their gifts vouchers are valid for 2 years, but we’d be encouraging the recipient to use them asap so we can benefit from their increased knowledge.

Explore Local Wine School Gift Vouchers

Club Vino Manchester

Marco and his team bring the stories behind wines to life with the wine tasting events they run in Manchester. They offer both physical and digital gift vouchers for a specific value. So even if you leave it until the last minute you can still get a voucher.

Explore Club Vino Gift Vouchers

Get Tasting lists wine tasting events and courses all across the UK so you can find a tasting near you.

Find a wine tasting event near you