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Virtual Wine Tasting at Home with Experts

There’s almost no end to that activities that can be streamed to you in your living room. And virtual wine tasting is one that we welcome with charged glasses.

Over the past few months we’ve seen vineyards, wine shops, wine experts and just everyday wine lovers all around the world running virtual wine tasting events. They’ve been sharing their wine love with us through entertaining and educational events, as we chill at home with a glass of wine, or two, in hand.

The growing number of tasting events has been a huge help to those of us who would previously have been regular attendees at any of the amazing wine tasting events held by local wine educators. And for those who prefer drinking on their own they’re helping create wine drinkers who can better appreciate the love that goes into each bottle.

Types of Virtual Tasting

Although virtual events will never replace IRL (in real life) wine tasting, they’ve been brilliant at widening our tasting experiences. Especially when the tasting brings us first hand experience of a region or a particular wine production technique.

Over the past few months we’ve watched some fascinating virtual wine tastings held by winemakers who give incredible insights into the creation of their wines. In fact, I watched an Instagram Live earlier today where the host was walking around their vineyard showing everyone the ‘menial’ jobs they have to do each day to nurture their precious grapes. For those who are stuck in a house with a 15 square foot garden the stunning views out over the rolling hills were inspiring.

Contrast this with a virtual wine tasting last week where a winemaker discussed the differences between their ’15 and ’16 vintages in detail. They also discussed how those vintages differed across different plots. What made that tasting even more engaging was that you could buy the 6 wines they were tasting, delivered to your door in 125ml vials. So not only did you get to hear about the differences, you could actually taste them and appreciate the subtleties.

We’re also hearing from wine lovers who are doing virtual wine tastings with their friends. It’s a great way to spend an evening catching up with friends in front of the laptop or TV and tasting your way through possibly slightly too much wine.

If you’re a wine lover of any level there is bound to be a virtual wine tasting event to suit you.

You can find the full list of virtual events on our website. Search by day, time or tasting type to find a tasting that suits you. Make sure, if they’re recommending specific wines, you leave yourself enough time to order the wines. There’s also a handy button on each event page that will add the event to your calendar, so you don’t forget. Then when it’s time, grab your bottles, your glasses, maybe some snacks and sit back on your sofa and enjoy.

Also remember, that if it’s educational, there’s nothing wrong with drinking wine at 10am in the morning. Which is probably going to be the case if you’re in the UK and your host is coming to you live from their winery in the Barossa Valley.

Virtual Event Hosts

If you’re running any virtual wine tasting events you can add them to the Get Tasting website for free. The Basic Host package gives you 8 listings which you can add:

  • Full event details
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  • A link directly to your tasting platform
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  • Links to buy wines
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  • And more…

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